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Tony Rivers, ABMP

Nuad Bo-Rarn - Traditional Thai Bodywork
Nuad Bo-Rarn has been practiced for over 2,500 years. A mindful bodywork tradition, Thai bodywork combines the use of acupressure and passive stretching, creating space between joints and opening them, providing improved mobility.

This form of bodywork has become increasingly popular among dancers, yoga practitioners, martial artists and others wishing to increase their flexibility and posture. Thai bodywork is performed on the floor, using a soft mat. The client wears loose, comfortable clothing.

Cranio Sacral Therapy
The practitioner uses a light touch to test for restrictions in the cranio-sacral system, monitoring the rhythm of the CSF fluid flowing through the system. Improving your body's internal environment and it's ability to heal itself if the ultimate goal of any Cranio-Sacral therapist.

Chakra Balancing
Chakras are the primary energy channels of the body, aside from thousands of other "secondary" channels, known as Nadis.  Balancing the energy equally throughout these central areas has been practiced for millenia in Auyervedic and Chinese medicine.

Reiki Therapy
Reiki practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize. Unlike other healing therapies based on the premise of a human energy field, Reiki seeks to restore order to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced.

Reiki energy has several basic effects: it brings about deep relaxation, destroys energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body.

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